Screen Printing

Belt Printing

Belt printing or “all over” screen printing is a technique that incorporates one or more ink types and produces a print that can be placed over an entire garment. This process is stylish and unique, sometimes so intricate they look like paintings. The artwork is all over the collar, the sleeves, the sides of the shirt and even the bottom of the tee. Artwork can even be printed over seams.

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol printing is the most common printing technique. Used in garment decoration, this method offers superior colors quality with emphasis on high ink opacity. The end result is a clear crisp image, with a thick coat of ink. Leaving the feeling that the print is slightly raised.

Discharge Ink

Discharge ink is used to remove the dye in the garment leaving no texture and a high-end boutique style garment. This type of printing is ideal for distressed and vintage simulated images. There are many discharge ink colors to choose from and can be printed on a variety of fabric types. This process is typically used to achieve a reverse effect on a garment that has been treated in "Wash and Dye" process.

Water Based Ink

Water based inks have become one of the most popular printing inks in the garment industry. These inks penetrate the fabric unlike plastisol ink, which lie on top of the garment. This method creates a non-existent ink feeling to “Hand or Touch” that produces a much softer feel.

Metallic/Glitter Ink

Metallic and glitter ink is a colored plastisol ink that is mixed with either a glitter or metallic flakes. This type of ink has a slight shimmer that reflects light but not as much as a foil would.

Foil Printing

Foil printing is a glue based ink that is first printed onto the garment and then a foil transfer is applied resulting in a shiny metallic finish. Foils are available in an array of colors and can only be applied to certain compatible fabrics.

Glow in the Dark Ink

Glow in the Dark ink is a light sensitive ink that absorbs light. The longer your design is in the light, the longer it will glow in the dark.

High-Density Printing

Expanding ink is a method of screen-printing where an additive is added to the plastisol ink that raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel. In addition and for a more unique look, plastisol inks can also be reduced down to achieve a softer texture by adding soft hand plastisol.