Custom Embroidery

3D Embroidery

Puff 3D embroidery uses a foam underlining to achieve an extreme three dimensional effect. The foam comes in different widths and colors to accommodate an array of products and thread colors. This application also requires the thread count to double, so that the foam will not be exposed through the tread.

Embroidery Digitizing

No two digitizers will complete a design in the exact same way. Our digitizers have the knowledge of software design, fabrics, colors, threads, stitch effects, shadowing, color blending, small detail and an understanding of various embroidery machines. Combined with years of experience we ensure embroidery work of the finest quality.


Embroidery standards dictate the number of stitches in a given design will directly affect an end products price point. By using a unique appliqué process, the stitches can be drastically reduced by replacing them with fabric to fill larger areas. By combining the design, artwork digitizing and fine embroidery with quality fabric cutting and stitching of impeccable quality, SCREENWORKS can deliver infinite variations of any single design to produce extraordinary results and stunning Applique embroidery.

Basic Embroidery

Our first class embroidery technique utilizes maximum thread counts, the finest thread quality and precise artwork digitizing. The end result is a stunning reproduction of your artwork, with unsurpassed quality, rarely seen in the industry today. We have extensive experience and can handle any job that is given to us.

Embroidered/Woven Patches

There are many different techniques and options when it comes to making patches. From embroidered to woven patches and merrowed edge to laser cut edges, Screenworks has the experience and knowledge to produce top quality patches at a low price. There are also different backing options, such as pressure sensitive and iron-on backing.